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Cacique 31


The Fini family has been changing the architecture game in Casa de Campo and around the Dominican Republic for decades designing projects spanning from residential villas to commercial projects like the beautiful Marina. Last November, Studio Fini brought the Minitas Beach Club to life, creating a new ambiance and lifestyle for the beachgoers in the community.  Nestled to the right of the beach, the Minitas Beach Club and Restaurant offers an exclusive experience with breathtaking views. With an infinity pool looking out over the ocean, comfortable lounges and a poolside bar, the Club attracts crowds looking to enjoy an elevated beach experience.

Following the success of the beach club, the demand for another space for families and guests to gather arose, and the construction of the new beach project began. The idea was to create a central space to enhance the appeal of the beach further, making a public area for children to play, families to relax, and friends to hang out. The new project, opening at the end of this November, will include so much more than just another swimming pool. Studio Fini is completely changing the beach like Casa de Campo has never seen it before.

The new beach project will include shops, an ice cream place, a juice bar, two food trucks, a lounge area, restrooms, and a changing area that will surround two swimming pools and connect to the CocoMar Beach Bar. The aesthetic will mimic that of the Beach Club, tying the two different attractions together, giving guests more ways to experience and enjoy the beach.

“As a Villa owner, my family and I are very excited for this new addition to Casa de Campos already impressive stack of amenities. All of the guests who rent our fabulous Villa Cacique 31 www.cacique31.com are surely going to enjoy it as much as we will. The De Valle family congratulates Nicola and Gian Franco Fini for a spectacular job well done” – Edward Ramos De Valle II – Villa Owner Cacique 31.

Talking with Nicola Fini and Gian Franco Fini, it is evident that their passion for the community has inspired this incredible project. “This new concept [for the beach] is completely different, it’s a lifestyle,” explains Nicola, “there are two things now that are completely different. When you change the lifestyle, you are making a real change. That was the idea, to make all the people who have nice houses here with their own swimming pools, motived to go to the beach. You need to offer the same chicness, the same vibe, and the same mood, or better, in order to attract them.” And they have done just that. Studio Fini has transformed the beach from a place with sand and sea to a destination location that attracts visitors and owners alike with different areas to indulge in the beauty of the beach and experience the tropical lifestyle outside of their homes.

“Something that is very present in all of our projects is making different spaces that can be used differently and you can decide, depending on your preference, what area you prefer,” Nicola adds, “if you take the existing Beach Club, there is the main restaurant, a deck without a roof, a terrace that in front of the swimming pool, a bar, pergolas, a lounge, so in a place that is not very big, there are different uses of the same area. The same thing will happen with the new one. It is very fluid and very organic with more places to live and enjoy the beach.”

The idea for the new project is to create a public space for guests to interact. “The concept of a square, of a central meeting place, is very important,” explains Gian Franco, “with the Marina, for example, we made the square where people gather and meeting people is very natural.

“This is a very ancient concept, to make a meeting point, for people to get together to create social situations,” adds Nicola, “because in the end when you make a public place the idea is that the people will feel good being there and for people to stay feeling good they need to see other people and talk to other people too.”

The new beach project is expected to open at the end of November and will continue expanding adding a playground and restaurant grill further down the road. The Minitas Beach is transforming and exuding a chic, tropical, community feel like never before, offering different spaces and creating a new lifestyle for the Casa de Campo community.

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